Strategic Planning: Personal, Business and Estate

How do you get the most out of the time you trade in life for money and the financial assets you accumulate? Is investing alone enough? Is only managing risks enough? Is tax efficiency enough? Are there legal tools that can help you get the most from your assets toward your lifestyle and legacy goals? Although the answers to these questions are obvious, very few people find the time or have the expertise to integrate all these things into a long-range strategic plan. Yet, this is what must be done, and done well, to best get us to financial independence for retirement and leave the legacy we envision.

Strategic financial planning on a personal level, integrating all the pieces, is quite a puzzle. Business planning, another puzzle. Estate planning, yet another. The integration of two or all three is more like a Rubik’s cube. And planning on this level is not an event, it’s a process that goes on throughout life.

This is what my Team and I do – long-range strategic financial planning that integrates personal, business and estate goals into a personal plan for your life. It includes risk management as a foundation to help give us control over our results, investments to help grow our wealth, tax efficient strategies to help keep our wealth, legal tools to protect it and strategies to integrate them all for better outcomes.

We’ve learned over the years from our clients that the confidence and peace of mind that results from planning at this level is truly extraordinary. To be on top of your financial world and know you will stay there is liberating in today’s busy world. Helping our clients in this way is also extremely satisfying for us. It’s not just a job for us. A job is something defined by someone else. This is a passion. We love to help good people get more out of life.

The Northwestern Mutual Difference

Backed by the strength of Northwestern Mutual, my team and I provide you with a balanced approach to achieving your goal of financial security, assuring that your intentions have been understood and your needs are being addressed. And when it comes to implementing solutions, the full capabilities of Northwestern Mutual are leveraged to provide you with exclusive access to a comprehensive variety of products and services.

John Chionchio

Financial Representative

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