John is an electrical and computer engineer, entrepreneur and businessman. Prior to becoming a Financial Advisor with Northwestern Mutual John started, built and sold several corporations and retired at age 37. In his eighteen years of "retirement" John consulted in the closely held business market. John Chionchio's focus was helping owners build and receive value in their business and to operate their business to best serve their personal lives. John's financial services practice specializes in integrating business and personal financial planning to help his clients achieve their financial goals and dreams.


By John Chionchio – Financial Advisor, Northwestern Mutual

Time. What is time? We have invented devises to measure it. We record the progress, or digression, of the human race chronologically – in time. We only have so much of it. The less we have the more valuable it becomes, regardless of how old, or young, we may be. There is no way to put a value on it. Gold, platinum, a Manhattan penthouse or original shares of Facebook pale in value. If you had only ten million breaths left, what would each be worth? One million breaths left? Ten thousand breaths left? If you could trade each remaining breath for anything (besides more time) what would it be?

Can I answer these questions for you? Can you for me? What makes your last breaths more valuable than the next ones you take today, right now? What if you could trade your last ones for your next ones? Maybe that would be a better way to live. Do the important stuff first. Save the last ones for things that just aren’t that important.

Why save any breaths for unimportant things? Do you think you’ll run out of things that are important to you, to others, to the world? If you do, I don’t think you’re trying very hard. You have talents, unique ones, whatever they are. I have yet to meet one person in life, whether genius or somehow challenged, who did not reveal some unique quality, some special combination of gifts that caught my attention. What are yours? If you haven’t figured that out yet, then I have a suggestion for how to spend your next hundred breaths. We are all “made for” something. What are you made for?

At this point in my life I know what I’m made for. It’s an amazing feeling! There are a few things I’ve figured out that I am made for. Not surprisingly, they’re all related in some intrinsic way. I’m an Electrical & Computer Engineer by schooling. I love to dive into complex problems, where there are no cookie cutter solutions, and to figure things out. I love hard work, accomplishment, mastery. I’m analytical, to a fault most who know me well will say. I love people and relationships – which by nature are complex and imperfect. I love helping people I enjoy, respect and admire.

To work hard and succeed at helping people I enjoy and respect to maximize their lifestyle and legacy from the financial assets they’ve traded a huge portion of their time in life for – this is what I’m made for. This is not a job for me. A job is something that is defined by someone else. This is a passion.

I’m not motivated by money, recognition or status. I’m motivated by impact. I’m motivated by accomplishment, but not any random accomplishment. I’m motivated by accomplishing things that directly help people to live a richer, fuller life. I’m motivated by applying my talents to achieve things others with different talents than mine cannot. I’m motivated to be my best and continuously increase what that is. I’m motivated to be a person that my parents would be proud of, every minute of every day.

If you are as serious about your impact as I am about mine. If you are as committed to getting the most from your time as I am. If you want a strategic breakthrough partner to help focus your talents. If you want to trade some breaths now for things that will be important later as your time dwindles, then engage, commit, partner with me and my Team to learn, grow and achieve greatness at what you were made for. I don’t want to add to your greatness. I want to multiply it.

Northwestern Mutual is the marketing name for The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, Milwaukee, WI (NM) (life and disability insurance, annuities, and life insurance with long-term care benefits) and its subsidiaries. John Hunter Chionchio is an Insurance Agent of NM and a Registered Representative of Northwestern Mutual Investment Services, LLC (NMIS) (securities), a subsidiary of NM, broker-dealer, registered investment adviser and me.


Degree Major Institution
BS Electrical and Computer Engineering University of WI - Madison

John Chionchio

Financial Representative


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